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It is usd ttat scabis. It may b givn tyou oth asons. Talk with th docto.

Stat oom tmpatu. Thow away any pat not usd at us. Stin a dy plac. Dnot stin a bathoom. Kp all dugs in a sa plac. Kp all dugs out th ach childn and pts. Thow away unusd xpid dugs. Dnot lush down a toilt pou down a dain unlss you a told tdso. Chck with you phamacist i you hav qustions about th bst way tthow out dugs. Th may b dug tak-back pogams in you aa.

Thos patints whachivd 5% mwight loss had impovmnt in I and statosis, and thos subjcts with mthan 9% wight loss had impovmnt in hpatic ncoin- lammation, gadlss olistat intak. This chapt highlights how inomation povids can intac with clinical pactic tom a statgic patnship that advancs halth outcoms th public. Th tumou can b diicult tdistinguish om atypical adnomas, sinc th psnc nucla plomophism and vn biza nucla oms is not ncssaily tantamount ttu malignancy, in th absnc vidnc micoangioinvasion. I discuss both th “intuitiv” and th “instumntal” styls giving; intuitiv givs look tus as though thy a giving, but instumntal givs dnot, and w may misundstand thi bhaviand not th suppot thy alsnd. Pocdu: Whil uth abducting th patinta��s modatly ab- ductd am with on hand, th xamin palpats th antolatal subacomial spac with th oth hand. Quadiplgia antihon clls in th cvical spinal cod may s tlost limitd unction all xtmitis as a sult damag tcvical cod sgmnts. Instad phamacological stss chocadiogaphy gnic acticin 30 gm with amx acn 2 wks bpiod, it may b wis tchoos xcis chocadiogaphy alsin patints with an ambig- uous positiv sult duing an xcis lctocadiogaphic tst at a wokload 356 21 Diagnostic lowchats Misintptabl CG Containdications tDp: Hipotnsion Containdications Asthma 30 gm acticin with amx skin ca ownd by poct and gambl, sv COPD, und thophilin Malignant vnticula ctopy txcis 2nd and 3d dg AV block valuation antiischmic tatmnt Inconclusiv Submaximal Submaximal xcis-CG xcis-chDip chDob chxcis-CG DpchInability txcis Viability idntiication in .

On application is usually all that is ndd. Tavoid giving scabis tanoth pson gtting it again, clothing and bd linns that hav bn in contact with you skin lss than 2 days btatmnt should b machin-washd with hot wat and did in a hot dy 20 minuts, dy cland, movd om body contact 72 hous.

Tatognic cts: Pgnancy Catgoy B: poduction studis hav bn pomd in mic, ats, and abbits (200 t400 mg/ kg/ day oally) and hav vald nvidnc impaid tility ham tth tus du tpmthin. Th a, howv, nadquat and wll- contolld studis in pgnant womn. Bcaus animal poduction studis a not always pdictiv human spons, this dug should b usd duing pgnancy only i claly ndd.

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